HD PLUS is an SES ASTRA company which operates the HD+ conditional access satellite platform.

HD+ is an annual subscription service that uses a smartcard to provide users with HDTV channels. These channels are encrypted using Nagravision conditional access and viewers can also receive all unencrypted HD and SD channels from the ASTRA satellites.

An open platform, HD+ is designed to grow HDTV in co-operation with other industry stakeholders and can be used to expand high-definition services in many other markets. HD+ provides significant benefits for consumers at very affordable prices and allows FTA broadcasters to refinance their HDTV investments.

HD+ was launched in 2009 and has been very successful: more than 300,000 HD+ set-top boxes have been sold, manufacturers have ordered 1.2 million smartcards, and consumers can choose among 30 different receiver models.

For more information, visit HD+ website.