ASTRA Broadband Services

ASTRA Broadband Services operates ASTRA2Connect, a fully satellite-based solution for broadband access delivered via wholesalers and internet service providers to the residential market. The innovative infrastructure offers a highly reliable, always-on and interactive broadband internet access for flat fees, along with triple play capabilities – delivering three different services: internet, VoIP and TV/radio reception, all with a single satellite dish.

ASTRA2Connect offers a unique possibility for households in regions without terrestrial broadband connection to access broadband services.

Since the launch of ASTRA2Connect in March 2007, we have signed numerous contracts for service distribution in more than 20 European markets. Recently, we have started to offer ASTRA2Connect in some 30 markets in Africa and the Middle East as well.

In addition, the company provides professional ASTRA2Connect-based broadband solutions for specific markets:  businesses from the energy, transportation and security markets are able to use ASTRA2Connect for their SCADA applications. With a dedicated “in-motion” satellite antenna, the technology is also used for the commercial and leisure maritime market.