A popular term for a digital receiver for satellite, terrestrial or cable television. May contain a decoder.


Digital compression

The reduction of the data needed to be broadcast (video, audio or data) giving minimum loss of received quality so as to make maximum use of the available transmission capacity.
Thus, several digitally compressed TV channels can be transmitted in the space required for a single uncompressed analogue TV channel. The main way that compression works is by eliminating some of the redundant data in the signal.



Digital Satellite Equipment Control, DISEQCTM

A standardised "communication protocol" to control external switches or LNBs from a satellite receiver, for example. Makes installation easier, since more than one LNB or dish can be connected to a satellite.



Satellite dish

Part of satellite reception equipment which reflects and concentrates at its focal point the signal coming from the satellite.


A signal channel or path from the satellite to all types of reception sites on earth.


Direct to home

The direct reception of satellite transmissions by households via a dish, LNB and set-top box.



Direct to office

The reception of satellite programmes via an individual dish or shared dish in an office.



Digital television